SG4F – What is it about?

SG4F – is an abbreviation for Smart Grid for Future.
To explain how we came to this title, we have to go a bit deeper into the topic.

The amount of electricity produced out of renewable energy sources is rising year after year and it is almost certain that this trend will continue. Apart from the CO2 emission being reduced, the renewable energy causes a lot of troubles for electricity companies. For example: They have to shut down big power plants when there is a lot of sun and wind, but also use inefficient plants when there is a lack of them, to maintain a steady flux on the grid.

The smart grid is a solution for this problem. Where the energy produced by the companies was the variable in the old system, the energy price becomes the variable in the new system. The theory is simple, let the price go up when there is a lack of energy and lower it when there is a lot of it. In this system, the companies don’t have to switch their power plants on and off all the time and the consumer can use more electricity when it is cheap.

To have a maximal profit of this, costumers need the so called “Smart Grid Ready houses” or “Smart Houses”, where a Home Automation Network (HAN) and smart appliances are making decisions all the time, based on the real time electricity price.

Smart House projects are popping up all over Europe these days. But what is a Smart Grid Ready house exactly? What can be expected to be in it? And do they have the same vision in Spain as in Finland?

So the goal of this project is to define a European definition of a Smart Grid Ready house, based on existing pilot projects and company developments all around Europe.

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